Want To Build & Scale A Trading Strategy?

This might be the best chance at getting better at trading EVER! 

Do you have any of the following?

Most traders that I work with don't have a clue or a system for tracking and scaling their strategies which means they have no idea how to work out their entry and exit, nor whether their strategies are any good! 

A Profit & Loss Tracker? 

A spreadsheet that is able to very simply track the profit and loss of your selections so you can keep track of where your best performing strategies are

Results & What To Track? So you can scale...

A system and sheet to track what matters so that you can scale your strategy, increase your profits and make more money on Betfair! 

A Staking Calculator? 

A simple to follow calculator where you can enter whether you backed or layed first and then input different stakes, to tell you what your ideal stakes should be? 

If NO? Then keep reading..... 

Introducing The BTC Track & Scale Strategy Bundle! 

I've put together a bundle that is perfect for all traders who want to be able to take a strategy and scale it, I've found that over the last 10 years working with traders they are always asking me 'How do I scale my strategy?' Or 'How do I know when to get in and out?' 

My answer is always the same: "What data do you track on your strategies?"  They usually reply: "Errrr......" 

That's the secret to trading success:  The more you track, the more you can make.  Why?  Because if you know more about your trading & the pattern of your trades and it's there in black and white, you can spot trends that make your trading so much more profitable. 

I created a failed Over 2.5 goals system many years ago.  I was determined to make this thing work... but it didn't.  I could see the value in it, so I tracked all the data and could then see that the HT score and the FT score was hardly EVER the same.

What does this mean?  Well, it meant that one of my best performing strategies ever was born out of a failed strategy and eventually succeeded because I tracked the data.

How many GOLD strategies have you missed out on simply because you didn't track the data? 

That's why I am offering you this one time offer of the BTC Track & Scale Bundle for a one off £27+VAT


I GUARANTEE this will help your trading.  If not....

then I will personally help you until it does! That's right, if this does not help your trading then I will personally help you! 

Special Bonus...... 

PRO Trader Video Tutorial.... walking you through exactly how to use it! 

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