Football Trading Stats Highlights Email

By Marty •  Updated: 03/01/24 •  4 min read

Betfair Trading Community football trading stats email user guide:

Football Trading Stats Email

This is a NEW football trading stats email we send to members as each day which picks out some trends from the upcoming football matches that we may want to trade.

This then gives you the tools you need as a football trader to decide how you want to use those stats.

Here is an example of how to use these football trading stats.

The first thing to note is that we do have a glossary at the end of the stats.

So, if you’re ever struggling to understand what they mean, just scroll all the way to the bottom and you can read these explanations:

Football Trading Stats Glossary

Let’s get to the football trading! 

Here is an example of a match from the daily email that stood out to me: 

South Korea K League 1 – Ulsan Hyundai v Pohang

Example of football stats in the email

So, as you see here the home team is on a three match winning streak, but also the home team is on a five match no-lose streak.

Ok, now there are two clear trends from the same match here, and they’re all pointing towards a strong performance from the home team (Ulsan Hyundai).

So we can look at this and think, OK, this says to us that the home team is pretty in pretty good form, right? 

How can we use that data to make some money?

And what do we need to do to confirm whether that data is as strong as we think it is?

So the first thing I would do in this instance is to go over to the Betfair Trading Community software.

Then what you want to do is just put the date for the fixtures.

So today is March 1st, so I’m just going to type 01/03

And as you can see instantly, all of the fixtures come up for that day.

Daily Fixture List from the Software

So I scroll down and select the match ‘Ulsan Hyundai v Pohang’

Now the match stats will pop up, we are going to select ‘Streaks’ 

How to navigate to football match 'streaks'

We know the home team is strong but a wise thing to do now would be to check the form of the away team.

So let’s have a look at the away team now, the away team hasn’t won in five games away from home!

The away team's performace indicators for Betfair Trading

So that is pretty poor form!

Combine that with the home team’s strong form and we’re seeing here that the home team has a good chance of winning.

There should be a good trading opportunity, depending on the odds, for the home team.

Let’s have a look at how the match went:

As expected, Ulsan Hyundai took the lead on 52 minutes

Here is the Betfair Graph from during the second half:

Betfair Trading Graph for a football match

For most of the match Ulsan Hyundai traded at around 2.24 odds as demonstrated by the top arrow.

After the goal the odds came into around 1.19 so had I backed Ulsan Hyundai in this scenario I would have been able to make a very good profit. 

How much? Well here is the cashout at those odds using £100 stakes:

Cashout on Betfair

So that’s an £88 profit! (For your trading use stakes that are more relevant to you).

This is exactly the kind of trade that the stats highlights email can help you find.

There are plenty of matches to look at most days, so my advice would be to pick trends that you think are strong in leagues that you know a little bit and trust.

The idea of this email is to give you some highlights and then get your football trading juices flowing so that you can start to formulate your trading plans!

Use the ratings page to see more about this and the explanations:

Good luck and if you need any help with any of it just get in touch.