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I’m STOPPING Trading On Betfair.

Ok.  It’s time to confess and own up to something.  Ready?  I’m stopping trading for good on Betfair.  I will no longer be trading on Betfair. No more trades for me. I will still have trades on the exchange though. Want to know how the hell that will work?  Keep

You Are Only As Good As Your Mind Lets You.

Do you want to have the same mindset as a Betfair pro trader? This is a quote I heard recently, it took me back actually. Because it’s true with everything BUT especially true with trading.  I am going to take you on a journey with this blog post of how

Who’s Going Down? Premier League 23/24!

The new season is about to start, who’s going to be battling relegation from the premier league this season? I’ll start by saying I don’t actually know who is going to go down, but what I am aiming for here is to use stats and logic to find some trades

Building An Over 2.5 Goals Betfair Strategy

The Ultimate Over 2.5 Goals Betfair Strategy  Let me start by saying that the ultimate strategy is one you build yourself. So this won’t be me giving you a strategy – that teaches you nothing.  This will be me empowering you to build your own strategy. There’s a huge difference