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You Need To Get Better At Not Trading To Be Able To Trade.

I know you are excited but chill. By Not Trading You’ll Actually Get Better At Trading. Ryan, you are going to have to explain. How on this planet will I get better at trading by not trading?  So many traders say to me, well you have to have an edge,

£94,900 Profit For You On Betfair Trading

Showing ALL 9,490 Subs how to make £10 a day with Betfair Trading  This started as an idea, because we get a fair few emails from people saying that the content we share is gold and has made them money, it got me thinking why doesn’t all 9,490 people make

STOP! Trying To Make Loads Of Money On Betfair

Crazy hey?!  Me a pro trader who sells software for Betfair traders telling you to stop trying to make loads of money on Betfair.  Let me explain…  I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw this Tweet from Matt Gibson. He tweets some decent stuff actually, he’s worth a follow

Martin Futter pro footballer trader

NEW: Martin’s Revised 7 Key Rules For Trading Football

I get asked why I didn’t trade a certain match all the time, so here is the answer. These are my general rules for Betfair football trading, specifically when I will NOT trade.  I stick to these absolutely.  Remember this mantra:  We want to eliminate as many unpredictable elements as