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Horse Racing Stats

Horse Racing Stats Highlights Email

Betfair Trading Community horse racing stats email user guide:  This is a NEW Horse Racing stats email we send to members each day  that picks out some trends from the day’s horse races.  You can sign up to it here: This then gives you the tools you need as

Football Trading Stats Highlights Email

Betfair Trading Community football trading stats email user guide: This is a NEW football trading stats email we send to members as each day which picks out some trends from the upcoming football matches that we may want to trade. This then gives you the tools you need as a

Under 3.5 Goals Trading Strategy

Here is a simple and easy to follow Under 3.5 Goals strategy!  The goal of this blog post is to make you a better Betfair trader by showing you an under 3.5 goals strategy. Our aim as Betfair Trading Community is to take the 95% of losing traders and turn

Betfair Trading Strategies How To Make Money

Today, I’m going to explain to you the main thing that will make you money from the Betfair Exchange using profitable Betfair trading strategies. Betting, trading and any form of gambling have two key elements… Maths and probability! These two cornerstones MUST be in your favour to win long term.

NEW Correct Score Trading Strategy

How can I crack the Correct Score Market? Everyone believes that the old correct score trading strategies are the gold standard of Betfair Trading. But what if there’s a new approach that no one’s talking about? Now, let’s be honest when it comes to football trading, the traditional correct score

Betfair Trading Bots Are Fun!

This is an update about the project Adam and Ryan are working on about Betfair Trading Bots. Where Adam is working with Ryan to see if all of Ryan’s trading can become fully automated. Yes you read that right, we can automate all of Ryan’s Betfair Trading with a bot!

The BEST Horse Racing Strategy Software of 2024

There’s no doubt now, there’s no doubt Betfair Trading Community has the best horse racing strategy software out there. This is the best horse racing strategy software that there is! If you are interested in making money from Betfair, if you’re interested in profiting from horse racing at all, in

xG Stats Are Here! Strategy Software Update

I’ve got a really exciting announcement to make today. Well, you might know it, it’s probably in the title… xG stats. We have added xG stats to the football software! Adam, our head software developer, has just dropped yet another update to the football software. XG stands for ‘Expected Goals’

Betfair trading automated profits

I’m STOPPING Trading On Betfair.

Ok.  It’s time to confess and own up to something.  Ready?  I’m stopping trading for good on Betfair.  I will no longer be trading on Betfair. No more trades for me. I will still have trades on the exchange though. Want to know how the hell that will work?  Keep

You Are Only As Good As Your Mind Lets You.

Do you want to have the same mindset as a Betfair pro trader? This is a quote I heard recently, it took me back actually. Because it’s true with everything BUT especially true with trading.  I am going to take you on a journey with this blog post of how

Who’s Going Down? Premier League 23/24!

The new season is about to start, who’s going to be battling relegation from the premier league this season? I’ll start by saying I don’t actually know who is going to go down, but what I am aiming for here is to use stats and logic to find some trades

Building An Over 2.5 Goals Betfair Strategy

The Ultimate Over 2.5 Goals Betfair Strategy  Let me start by saying that the ultimate strategy is one you build yourself. So this won’t be me giving you a strategy – that teaches you nothing.  This will be me empowering you to build your own strategy. There’s a huge difference

You Need To Get Better At Not Trading To Be Able To Trade.

I know you are excited but chill. By Not Trading You’ll Actually Get Better At Trading. Ryan, you are going to have to explain. How on this planet will I get better at trading by not trading?  So many traders say to me, well you have to have an edge,

£94,900 Profit For You On Betfair Trading

Showing ALL 9,490 Subs how to make £10 a day with Betfair Trading  This started as an idea, because we get a fair few emails from people saying that the content we share is gold and has made them money, it got me thinking why doesn’t all 9,490 people make

STOP! Trying To Make Loads Of Money On Betfair

Crazy hey?!  Me a pro trader who sells software for Betfair traders telling you to stop trying to make loads of money on Betfair.  Let me explain…  I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw this Tweet from Matt Gibson. He tweets some decent stuff actually, he’s worth a follow

Martin Futter pro footballer trader

NEW: Martin’s Revised 7 Key Rules For Trading Football

I get asked why I didn’t trade a certain match all the time, so here is the answer. These are my general rules for Betfair football trading, specifically when I will NOT trade.  I stick to these absolutely.  Remember this mantra:  We want to eliminate as many unpredictable elements as