The BEST Horse Racing Strategy Software of 2024

By Marty •  Updated: 01/10/24 •  10 min read

There’s no doubt now, there’s no doubt Betfair Trading Community has the best horse racing strategy software out there.

This is the best horse racing strategy software that there is!

If you are interested in making money from Betfair, if you’re interested in profiting from horse racing at all, in terms of betting or trading, then this has to be on your radar.

This has to be something you look at, you try out or that you invest in, what it has done and what it will do is change life for Betfair Traders.

I’m going to go through a few of the reasons why.

Now when you go to the home page, the first thing you see is the race cards, you can literally look through the race cards, you can look for everything you want there.

That’s before you even get to looking at the strategy builder!

Now, if you click the strategy builder button, you can now create your own strategy and what you can do here is you can duplicate your strategy.

So let’s say I’ve created my strategy, I can duplicate my strategy, tweak a couple of things, save that version. Suddenly I’ve got two different versions of the same strategy instantly.

I could do that multiple times depending on the different things I wanted to test or the different things I wanted to look at.

But it’s really interesting that you have the ability straight off the bat to duplicate, to edit, to make your strategies basically in line with each other and then see how the results are and run those strategies and see how they differ.

And that is a huge, huge advantage, if you are a Betfair horse racing trader.

So let’s say you create your strategy.

This is the other thing you can do, which is phenomenal.

You could have a set of criteria and you could have one group that says, I want all of these criteria to match and then you could have another group that says, I want none of these criteria to match.

All within the same strategy!

So I’ll give an example, I could say I want all races that are five furlongs long in this distance.

I want that to be in there.

And then I’m going to set a second rule group which says none and I want no races where it’s, I don’t know, a class six or class five race, right?

All these different things you can do (as pictured above).

And I think the wealth of possibilities and just the enormity of the scale of what you can do with the horse racing software in terms of your strategy creation, it’s just unreal.

Now, you don’t have to have a particularly deep strategy either, this is the beauty of it.

You could either have a simple strategy or an incredibly complex one.

The one I’m looking at here is very simple, just looks at five furlong races at certain courses.

So it has a distance filter and a course filter.

That’s it, right.

Very simple.

But you could have something that was much more complex.

You could add in class handicap, you could look at jockey, you could look at pace, all these different things.

And again, just the wealth of resources you have to work with here is phenomenal.

We created this software for people who actually want to make a living from Betfair Trading, people who actually want to make a serious profit at horse racing trading.

You know, we could have made a really simple software that was like all it had was dobbing and maybe lay the field and that was it, right?

We could have made a really simple software and maybe that would suit some of you.

But the reality is if you really want to make money in this game, long term, you want to be using different kinds of filters, different kinds of criteria in your horse selection rules.

And the fact that Adam has pretty much given you everything you could ever desire in these horse selection rules is huge!

Now we are going to look at the betting rules, there’s so much you can do here.

You can basically decide whether you back or lay.

You can decide what odds you want to use for this strategy.

You can decide the betting window when you enter the market.

Unlike a lot of places, this isn’t just taking BS P.

You can take a price at whatever time you want before the start of the race.

You can restrict your number of qualifiers.

You can restrict the traded amount if you want more liquidity.

If you want a certain level of liquidity before you enter a trade, you can restrict that too.

You can restrict whether it’s the favorite, whether it’s the second favorite, third favorite, fourth favorite.

You can decide how you want to close your trades with your strategy.

Are you going to trade out?

I don’t know anything else that really has this facility!

I haven’t even mentioned the fact you can actually build your bank, you can put your bank roll in that you want to use for this strategy.

You can put your staking in and then see, would that have got matched, would that have worked?

How much money would I have made according to my staking?

That’s huge.

That is so powerful.

You’ve created your strategy, you’ve created your horse selection rules, you’ve created your betting rules and now you would run the results because you would want to see…well, how has this performed in the past?

You look back at the last three years and I look back at this specific strategy here and to £1 lay stakes.

It’s £335 up, in three years, it’s made 335 points profit.

That’s about 110 points profit a year.

That’s around 8-9 points profit a month.

That’s pretty solid.

Give me a strategy that’s gonna get eight or nine points profit a month.

Happy days.

So I go, this is a good strategy, but let’s look into it in a bit more depth again, something else we can do.

Well, Adam’s added in ROI, 38% which is a huge amount, absolutely huge. 

A strike rate of only 16%.

With this back strategy that I’m looking at here, you’re only actually winning 16% of your trades. But because of the odds that you’re backing at, which are quite high.

And at 7.8 to 10, you’re getting a really nice margin and your expected value is around £0.4 profit.

So about 40p per £1 bet, which again is just a phenomenal return here.

We can see the number of trades.

There were 884 trades, which is roughly just under about one trade per day average.

Our longest win streak is 3 winners in a row and our longest losing streak is 34.

So you can go on a run where this will lose quite a few in a row.

If you’re using sensible staking and you’re using bankroll management correctly, you shouldn’t really get into trouble with this strategy.

So Adam has added in the expected value column to the results. This is again why the horse racing software separates itself from the pack.

He’s added an A&E index score.

Now, what this means is that, it will give you a figure and tell you how good your strategy is based on the results you’re getting and whether, you should be winning as much as you’re winning.

And interestingly here, the A&E index score is 1.4 which is really good for a back strategy.

So basically anything above one is profitable, 1.4 is hugely profitable. 

Anything below one would be a negative.

So you wouldn’t want to trade anything below one, but 1.4 is profitable and very good for a back strategy.

Now, if you are laying, you actually want this figure to be below one, you don’t want the horse to be winning as often as the odds are suggesting that it should be.

And actually the 8.89 average odds we’re getting are too high and that’s why we’re winning because the odds are too high and we’re backing those odds.

Now, interestingly, the next thing that Adam has added is the Archie score.

Again, another statistic to determine if your strategy is actually valid, if it is actually good.

The Archie score (above) is 17.71 on this strategy.

So basically with the Archie score, the higher the figure the better, this is worth learning.

If your Archie score is 8.0 or above, it actually means that there is a less than a 1% chance that your results are fluke!

So the Archie score of 17.71 which is way above eight, it’s essentially telling us these results are valid.

These results are in line with what should have happened, they are in line with what has happened and therefore you should be able to trust this strategy.

Now, I will add a little caveat here when I get a strategy like this.

What I then do is I will test it forward for a couple of months, maybe two or three months just to check that everything is as good as we’re expecting it to be.

That’s really important.

It’s always going to be important to test.

And then as you scroll down, Adam has results tables and graphs.

I really like looking at the monthly results in a snake chart.

As you can see the snake is going in the right trajectory! Plus I can see with this strategy that it has been consistently rising, without many serious downswings.

Now I can leave this strategy, say I went to Hawaii for a few months.

When I come back, I can run the results of that strategy and see how it performed since I left and it would tell me!  

All I’ve got to do is click a button on the strategy, run it and Bob’s your uncle because I’ve saved it and I set it up beforehand.

It doesn’t matter what I do in between.

This is hugely powerful.

I don’t have to record any data manually.

The software will do it all for me.

All I have to do is log into my bot each day and it automatically trades for me!

I use BFBot Manager and it’s linked with Betfair Trading Community’s Horse Racing Software.

Another thing not everyone will know about is that there is a literal button that I can sync BFBot manager with Betfair Trading Community horse racing selections from my strategies!

So therefore, all I have to do every day is log in to BFBot Manager.

It automatically pulls all my selections from our software and then it will place the trades for me.

And that’s why I’m free to spend more time creating more strategies, testing more strategies and basically improving as a horse racing better or trader.

Invest in yourself and get the best thing out there because I tell you what, when I’m trading on Betfair.

I’m trying to make money on Betfair.

I want the best tools to help me, why would I not give myself the best chance?

This software is fantastic and it’s just the best out there and, and no one can deny that.

I hope you enjoy the best horse racing software there is if you want it improved, if you want more things, ask us, give us feedback, the people who have, have had the stuff they’ve asked for.

I hope you have a great week, but most importantly, of all, as ever, I hope you make some money trading on Betfair.


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