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By Ryan Carruthers •  Updated: 11/07/22 •  8 min read

Showing ALL 9,490 Subs how to make £10 a day with Betfair Trading 

This started as an idea, because we get a fair few emails from people saying that the content we share is gold and has made them money, it got me thinking why doesn’t all 9,490 people make money on Betfair. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they all had the power to make £10 a day. 

That’s £94,900 per day potentially! 

The funny thing is, if you are already subbed and watched some of our stuff you’d have this potential.

Therefore, why aren’t you doing it? 

BUT I have had this idea for a while to create a post like this then I logged into YouTube last week and saw this comment: 

This got me thinking?? 

I know the content is already there on this YouTube channel, hell I even have a video where I explained that a member used a under 3.5 goals football trading strategy to get there… 

I broke the EXACT strategy down. COMMENT FOR VIDEO 

So how would we go about doing it then? 

Like the exact step-by-step! 

Firstly, we would know that £10 a day on the Betfair Exchange is the goal. So we wouldn’t beat ourselves up if we didn’t: 

We’d also know there would be good and bad days. We’d have to roll with the punches and focus on the longer term. 


With that in mind, we start with the trading bank. 

Don’t over complicate this, please. 

What can you afford to lose? Put that in Betfair. That’s the bank. Ok? 

Don’t be saving up for months and months to have a larger bank. You’d be better off using a smaller bank over those months and actually actively trading. 

Now we have our bank, what comes next? 

The Strategy 

Before I talk about ideas for strategies that can get you there I want to point something out, something traders never think about. 

You want to run before you can walk, you are inpatient! What I mean by this is, you want to be making £10 a day now. 

You see making 20p a trade as pointless, a waste of time, why should you bother?! 

Now I bet you have thought that, haven’t you? Admit it! 

You can lie to me but you can’t lie to yourself. 

BUT here’s the point, those small profits add up and they allow you firstly to be something you’ve never been… 

Any ideas what that is? 

PROFITABLE Consistently on Betfair. Yea, I said it! 

Also they are the path to making the larger profits, by collecting those 20p trades it builds and builds. Your bank, your confidence which all lead to the £1 profits, then the £5 and then it really ramps up. 

£20, £50 and on! 

I’ve challenged myself here, to give you a strategy of making £10 a day. 

This might be on average over the month. You’ll let me off, right? 

I’ve broken this into 3 strategies you can use. Now like the person who inspired this video you can use my software to help you get the selections OR you can use free software. 

The choice is yours! I personally think you’d be crazy not to want more of us at BTC. 

They aren’t sexy, they aren’t a 90s Italian footballer or that bottle of Rioja you are patiently waiting till Friday to open. 

They work. 

Introducing the strategies… 

1 – Favourites under 2.0 – Football Trading Betfair Strategy 

You can see it’s very stable on the right side, so the price has basically been bouncing one tick up and one tick down for a while. 

We back the fave 10% of our bank – The current price is 1.74. I will put 1.75 as my back price to see if I get matched, if I do I will straight away place a lay @ 1.74 and hedge the profit over all selections. I have a hedging calculator for you at the bottom of this. 

If the price moves against us I would take the loss and move on. I tend to go in and out of these trades on the same team all day, usually up to about 1 hour before KO. 

I have a video going deeper into this here: 

2 – Under 3.5 Goals – Football Trading Betfair Strategy 

Again straight to the point with what to do here: 

In this one I would use 2-4% staking. You’ll be asking why 3 shots off target? 

Well we need some shots to get the odds moving & off target works better than a team banging shots at the goal early doors as we don’t want goals! 

I’ve also got a handy video of it in more detail here: 

3 – Horse Dobs – Horse Racing Betfair Trading Strategy 

I thought I would include a horse racing strategy you can use on Betfair as well, why not? 

Horse dobbing was one of my favorite strategies back in the day, why? 

Because it was really easy to find the horses and I didn’t have to spend hours scalping the markets which is BORING!! 

What I would do is: 

Go to patternform and get the horses that DOB 70% of the time or more and add them to a spreadsheet. Patternform now charges a small amount for this (£10 per month). 

Then I would head on over to attheraces.com. It’s the tips section that interested me the most, I noticed that a lot of the horses that they have as either ‘Top Tip’ or ‘Watch Out For’ tended to do well. 

I, like many others in this world, was racking my brain on how to profit from this? It turned out comparing those with a 70% plus DOB rating was just that ticket!! 

If a horse was on my list of 70% or more for DOB and either ‘Top Tip’ or Watch Out For’ on At The Races we had a selection. 

Any that weren’t I’d cross off the list. 

Then just before the off, you place your BACK bet on the selection. 2-5% of your bank, using the ladder interface on your trading software (You’ll ask me what I recommend here won’t you? Well its Fairbot!). 

Look for half of the back price and lay it for double your initial back bet. 

Example: If you backed a horse at 12.0 for £10 you will be laying it for £20 @ 6.0.  

This means you’ll get £10 profit if the horse DOBs. Successful DOB is a 50% reduction in the price. 

What Happens Next? 

Now you are armed with what you need, you can do EXACTLY what the person who watched one of our videos did and built their profit up to £10 a day. 

Stating it helps him pay his electricity bill…. 

I cannot leave you with nothing though, I need to give you a sheet to be able to track these on. 

You see I am really trying to level up my content and give EVERYTHING you need. 

You can get the sheet here: 

Betfair Trading Profit & Loss Spreadsheet Template. 

Click FILE > Make a copy 


Because I am soooo good to you as well I have a hedging calculator for Betfair trading too, you can get that here: https://help.smarkets.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115002171411-Hedging-calculator 

Now the only thing left for me is to leave you to go and get those trading profits. 

You’ll circle back to me won’t you and let me know how you are doing?

Ryan Carruthers

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