NEW: Martin’s Revised 7 Key Rules For Trading Football

By daboss •  Updated: 10/19/22 •  2 min read

I get asked why I didn’t trade a certain match all the time, so here is the answer.

These are my general rules for Betfair football trading, specifically when I will NOT trade. 

I stick to these absolutely. 

Remember this mantra: 

We want to eliminate as many unpredictable elements as possible when trading, these rules will help us do that.

Martin’s mantra – One of the MANY!!!

The Rules

  1. Do not trade at the start of a season, I want at least 8-10 games played before I consider the data worthwhile from that season.
  2. Do not trade the last 5 games of a season, many players and teams have differing motivations at this stage in a season.
  3. Do not trade league football during international breaks, even lower leagues will have some player unheaval which leads to unpredicability.I also do not trade on the first weekend from an international break.
  4. Do not trade football on days where I am not fully able to focus during the time I will be trading. 
  5. Do not trade international football (Exception in major tournaments), not enough recent data on teams.
  6. Do not trade cup games, motivation issues again.
  7. Have a day off when you want to, no point trading tired or in the wrong head space.

Following these rules will help you avoid the major pitfalls of football traders on Betfair.


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