Meet The Team!


Ryan Carruthers

Founder & Head Of Marketing

Ryan is BTC's founder and has been trading since 2008, when he discovered the concept of laying on Betfair after a few failed betting attempts. At the time he used his student loan as his trading bank. He specialises in tennis. His motivations for trading are the lifestyle and freedom that it gives him, plus he gets to watch sport all day - who wouldn't want to do that? Why BTC? Trading can get lonely and sharing the day with others makes it more enjoyable. And the collective power of the group offers so many great angles to look at, so we don't miss things as everybody brings a fresh set of eyes to a trade.

Martin Futter

Community Manager

Martin started trading in 2004 after being introduced to Betfair, had his ups and downs and went fully pro in 2012. He specialises in football, tennis, cricket and NFL. His motivation for trading is the lifestyle, pure and simple; he loves being able to work the hours he wants. He also enjoys the competition; being a real sports enthusiast he likes nothing more than proving the market wrong by picking unexpected winners. Why BTC? He was always searching for a great social network of traders (as it is a lonely profession) but most of the groups he found seemed to foster a negative atmosphere. BTC has done a great job of creating a friendly environment, not to mention having some of the best professional traders in the business. There is power in numbers and knowledge and BTC has proven that.

Adam Williams

Head of Web & Software Development

Adam has been trading since 2009 (successfully since 2011). Prior to that, he worked in software support and development and technical pre-sales for ten years. His mixture of trading and technical background makes him ideal to head up software development at BTC. He specialises in automated trading strategies on any sport, but primarily focusing on horse racing. His motivation for trading is primarily the challenge of it - it's an ever-evolving game and there's always a new angle to find! Why BTC? Adam has been writing software and tools to help his own trading for years and realised that they could be useful to a much wider audience of like-minded people. After meeting up with Ryan, it soon became clear that BTC was the perfect platform to share these things.