Wall Of Love

Terry Aikman

Football Trader
As a member of BTC for 6 months now i can say its a no brainer to be in this community. If you are serious about trading and want to earn money you really should be in here. If you are not you are without a doubt missing out and thats a fact. There are endless amounts of videos to show you great strategies, a podcast that really educates you with no Bull, from 2 guys who have been doing this for decades, real experience and they really do want us all to succeed. Everyone in the community is helpful, all sharing experiences and supporting each other. There are no clowns, if there are they wont last long. The biggest thing i would say is the Software is alone worth the monthly fee. If your not using it, like i wasn’t for the first 4 months, then like me in this period you are a busy fool. Honestly, ive researched my trades the way i always have, looking at many sites, checking form, goal stats, pro’s opinions etc etc and then i realised eventually that the software does all this, and in no time. I have wasted hours of my life ill never get back, but we live and learn! The thoughts we have in our head we can apply to the software and we can tweak as we go if we like, and what it sends back is there to be tested, record your results and see how they work for you. Do it wisely, use small stakes, big stakes adds pressure and you start losing you will give up too soon. You find a strategy that works, and there are many who do and who share them remember, and you will make money no question. Prior to using the software my results were up and down at best, frustrating. Im now getting great results, im not tired researching they just arrive in the morning and i place my trades. To get a good strategy the help from Martin and Ryan is there day and night, they always reply to messages and give you full support. Currently im on a streak of 12 straight wins i have between 3 filters. I know this will end, thats trading, but i have never had results like this in my life and this without a doubt is what software can provide. We all lead busy lives, i wish i had applied the software much earlier but old habits can be hard to break. Im so glad ive adopted the software and please trust me on this, if you dont you are missing out and wasting time trying to arrive at a win, it just drains you and when we are tired we make poor decisions regularly. Join BTC, listen and learn and you will succeed. Three words of advice, Software, Software, Software

Neil Edgcumbe

Horse racing trader
Joined BTC Horse Racing in February 2023. I am starting slowly on minimum stakes as I build confidence and set up automation rules with Betangel. It’s going well as within 1 week of trading I have all but doubled my £100 bank. Martins early morning email is so handy as I can set up the days trades before breakfast and go to work . I fully intend to extend sports and go platinum once I breakeven and learn how to trade like a pro. Fantastic system to start and learn at your own pace and scale up as your experience and bank grows. Where else can you start something with so little money ,have experts to help just an email away,along with software to help you scale up . Cheers guys .

Peter McFarlane

Sports trader
I love BTC because they have provided me with some amazing tools and opportunity to improve my trading journey! They’ve added confidence that was slowly evaporating.

Ged Brown

Get signed up! The football software alone is a great reason for joining. No more trying to search for what you hope are decent games to trade, the software does that for you. Also the support, forum and learning is second to none, has improved my trading no end.

Steve Buckwell

Hi. I am bright, knowledgeable and before I joined BTC, a serial trading loser. I would do ok for a while then blow the bank in one mad session. Now Im a serial trading winner and frankly its down to Ryan and company. They know how to do it!


Horse racing trader
I had knowledge of horses but only traded football for fear that trading horses would be too complicated to learn. Its the exact opposite and the user guides make it so easy to use the software. Anyone can pick it up and there’s even walk throughs on how to implement the selections once the software finds them. I reckon a racing novice could master it in no time, and the Support from BTC via the forum fills in any gaps you might have. I have tried to follow stuff before on youtube and got lost or it was way too complicated. This is next level compared to anything else I have seen