Podcast 161: Football Set & Forget Trading Strategies Will Change Your Life!

By Ryan Carruthers •  Updated: 08/16/23 •  24 min read


Welcome back, trading enthusiasts! In this highly anticipated episode of the Betfair Trading Community podcast, we dive into the world of football set and forget trading strategies that are bound to change your life! We have some exciting news to share – our Betfair trading community is growing stronger every day, and we are constantly developing new software to enhance our trading experience and increase our profits. But don’t just take our word for it – a recent survey revealed that a staggering 85% of people who joined our community became better traders! 

We understand that the trading industry can be tough, with only a small percentage of individuals making money without the support of our community. That’s why we are here, dedicating ourselves to making trading a profitable and enjoyable journey for all. Joining our community not only guarantees that you’ll become a better trader, but also ensures that you’ll have the support and resources you need to succeed.

In today’s episode, our speaker shares their experience within the Betfair trading community and how they believe the community will thrive even in the face of adversity. They also discuss the creation of a streamlined testing sheet for set and forget trading strategies, making it simpler and easier for traders to analyze and track their results. Plus, they reveal some incredible insights about the benefits of set and forget strategies in both football and horse racing.

So, whether you’re a seasoned trader looking to level up your game or a curious newbie seeking to dive into the world of Betfair trading, this episode is for you! Get ready to learn, be inspired, and discover how Betfair trading and the power of community collaboration can revolutionize your approach to profit-making. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of football set and forget trading strategies – you won’t want to miss this! Let’s dive in!


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Martin Futter [00:00:00]:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another podcast from Betfair tradingcommunity.com. Today, we’re gonna talk about something that I think will change your trading life. If you’re someone who struggles with trading, if you’re someone who doesn’t have time to sit in front of a computer screen all day. Doesn’t have time to do loads and loads of research. Then I think what I’m about to talk to you about today could be a light bulb moment for you. It could be the moment where you go actually I can make money out of Betfair. I don’t have to spend loads of time on it, and I can work with other people to do that as well. so what I’m gonna talk about today is set and forget football trading strategies.

Martin Futter [00:00:43]:

Now, sim forget in case you’re not sure what it is, is basically it’s it’s it’s very similar, perhaps the same as betting. You place a bet and you just let it run. So you place a bet preferably at the start of an event, And then you just, you know, say lobby, what will be will be with that bet. But because you’ve done the research, because you’ve done the testing, because you’ve created a good strategy, it will still make money over time. So it doesn’t really matter that you’re letting it run. In fact, the strategy is designed that the best returns you will get are when you’re not trading out when you’re not taking losses, when you’re not taking profits, when you’re letting the event conclude and you’re taking the profit from a winning bet or you’re taking from the loss from a losing bet. So Sam Forget is becoming really popular. And the reason is that we know if we do the right research, if we do the right testing, if we get good strategies, we can make a really good return with very little effort.

Martin Futter [00:01:55]:

So it’s kind of a maximum return minimum effort situation. All we need to do, obviously, with the Betfair trading community software, all we need to do is create our filters. then get those selections given to us each day when we log in to the site and place the bets. I mean, it it really is that simple. gonna take you 5 to 10 minutes a day, you know, at most, really. So it’s fascinating for me this week because I’ve been putting hours and hours and hours into this because I see the need our community has. You know, the number one bit of feedback we get But, overwhelmingly, like, probably 90% of the feedback we get is people don’t have enough time to trade. you know, most of the members who leave, it’s not because they don’t like the service.

Martin Futter [00:02:46]:

It’s not because they’ve not been doing okay or they’re not improving as traders. because they just say I don’t have time for Betfair trading. They don’t wanna research and sit in front of a computer screen all day watching ball matches just on the off chance that a trade may pop up that interests them. But set and forget strategies are an absolute solution. to this. now I’ve been working with a few members already who’ve shared strategies that have been doing really well. We’ve set and forget. And things like over 2.5 goals.

Martin Futter [00:03:17]:

We’ve got ones for under 2.5 goals. We’ve got ones for 1st half goal. We’ve got ones for Lay the Draw pre match. I’ve got an unders 1 myself. We’ve also got a really good looking one in the Elo strategies. where we’re actually backing and laying teams in the outright markets, well, in the match odds markets, and seeing a really big return from that. And what’s good is that a lot of these have been tested already. A lot of these have 4, 500 results under their belt or have 2 to 3 months of testing.

Martin Futter [00:03:51]:

So we’re in quite a good position here. And what I’ve done is I’ve started a thread on the forum. So if you are a member, get onto the forum, The Fred Titleister’s project set and forget football strategies, community collaboration. And what I want us all to do is get together and collaborate and start creating these wonderful, amazing strategies. because of two reasons. One, we know that when we actually work together to build things, what we build is much more powerful. It’s the way of the world. It’s the way of life.

Martin Futter [00:04:23]:

you know, you try building a house on your own. You get a few people in who know what they’re doing, who are builders. It’s a much easier job. Right? that’s just the way the world works. But secondly, I wanna help the traders who are not able to find their own little strategies or who aren’t able to create their own profitable filter yet, I want to help them get some good profitable filters that they can work with that they can rely on. So that’s kind of my intention behind setting for get. Like I say, we’ve got a few strategies already. doing well.

Martin Futter [00:04:57]:

I’ve just started the thread today. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna keep updating it. But this is a great time to jump in because you’re not gonna miss anything. You know, sometimes with threads, they can go on for a long time, and you might miss some things. Of course, I’m gonna put the the key stuff that I can in the title post. I’ll keep updating that. Sorry if you keep hearing pings, but it’s people are talking to me on the forum. but obviously, I need the forum up because I’m looking at for some of the strategies and results.

Martin Futter [00:05:26]:

I’m also gonna do a testing sheet. So I’ve already got the master sheet I use, and it does actually have this stuff on but I’ve got so much on there that what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna just create a more streamlined sheet that is just for set and forget strategies and you’ll be able to go and look at those tabs and see how the strategies are getting on. I try and make my, Excel sheets very simple to read. So I don’t I’m not one of those people that has like a 100 columns. I’ve got, you know, the main ones for like what the match is. And then it’s usually just things like odds, whether it won or not, sometimes I put the scoring, sometimes I don’t. Profit, for that match overall profit. And that’s basically, you know, pretty much it on a lot of them because I want it to simple because I’m running a lot of tests.

Martin Futter [00:06:15]:

I think I think I’ve got about 9 filters at the moment that I’m running tests on. with this set and forget in mind. And it’s been really encouraging because since I’ve started talking about it, a lot of people have come forward and said, actually, yes, I’ve got a and forget strategy. I mean, Tom has said that here, on the thread early on, you know, someone that I didn’t know had this, has come out and said this because and again, this is the value of community work, right, that actually we’re getting to see other strategies. And the other thing is you might be able to develop something with one of the strategies you find on here. You know, you might go, well, I want a slightly different angle, or I’m gonna use slightly different filter. but I wanna see what you’ve done and how successful. I wanna actually view your and remember, the magic with our filters is, you can just edit the filter when you click edit filter, you see all the criteria that we use.

Martin Futter [00:07:07]:

You know, nothing’s hidden. I mean, it’s not some kind of magic secret. I know a lot of kind of betting sites. They’ll give you their reasoning, but they won’t tell you why. You know, they’ll say, well, this is a good selection. Yeah. But why? The thing is, what you have to remember with betfair, betting or trading, whatever, the key thing is knowing the process that creates the profitable strategies. because if you don’t have that, all you are essentially is ever reliant on someone else, That’s what I’m trying to get us all away from.

Martin Futter [00:07:37]:

I don’t want you to be reliant on some tipster who, you know, maybe he’s had a bad day. and he’s not in the right frame of mind, and suddenly he’s posting, you know, things that he wouldn’t normally post to Bell. Right? You wanna be relying on yourself. And when you get these strategies in your filters, in your own software, then it’s yours. You’ve got that filter. It’s yours to do with what you want, and you can get those selections each and every day. So I’m really excited about setting for get. It’s actually kicked off big time this thread brilliant.

Martin Futter [00:08:10]:

Lots of people commenting already. I think it’s just gonna be a really exciting time for traders and I think it’s actually gonna bring in a lot of people who don’t usually use the forum. so I banged an email out to all members, because we know that a, I think naturally, sir, about 75% of our members don’t use the forum. They just use the software. And we know that the software is main thing. Now, it’s kind of a thing that massively differentiates ourselves. I mean, yeah, the trading community, the forum is, you know, tenfold better than anything else out there. But there are other people who are trying to do that or or, you know, there’s even Facebook groups where people like to chat.

Martin Futter [00:08:50]:

Now, obviously, the chat there is not as driven by professional traders, but whatever. That’s that’s fine. A lot of that’s free. And and if if that’s something you wanna do, if you can’t afford to be member of Betfair trading community. I don’t know how you can not afford to because financially, it makes so much more sense to be a member of Betfair trading community as you learn trade. and I think that the blocks we’re putting in place, well, they’re already in place, and then the blocks we continue to put in place really do just just make the thing, great value. Which makes you laugh. You do get the odd person you kind of ask.

Martin Futter [00:09:21]:

So, you know, can can you give it to me for free for a month or things like that? And just think, my thing is it’s such incredible value. Like, why on earth would I give that away for free? What what individual in their right mind? You know, would give that away for less than we are already. you know, we’ve been told by, you know, a lot of people that we should actually raise the price. you know, that’s just that’s just the way in the world, you know, but we still wanna provide exceptional value. That’s why we keep prices slow as we do. But, yeah, if you remember, get on the forum, let’s work on this together. Like I say, this goes hand in hand with our software. So it’s fantastic.

Martin Futter [00:09:59]:

You’re gonna get to see the best of all the world, a Betfair trading community. I’m gonna keep updating things, and I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun here. if Centimeters Forget is something you’ve never really thought about before, have a good think about it, especially if you’re of the mindset that, I just wanna trade. You know what? If you’re trading and you’re happy in your trading and that’s what you’re doing, that’s absolutely fantastic. You know, trading is a magical thing. Right? But I understand that most people just don’t have time. You know, the one of the reasons I’m focusing so much on set and forget the moment is I’ve got 2 children under 5 years old. Right? There is no way on earth I can sit at my computer all day long.

Martin Futter [00:10:45]:

I mean, there’s no way I know if I could do all of that, then do the Betfair trading community work as well. You know, then train all of you guys. So I have to find more streamlined ways to do certain things. The Sem Forget stuff just works so perfectly for me. you know, and I I absolutely love it because it’s like investing. You know, I always say Betfair trading community is just investing in a stock market. My stock market is sport. Mark, because I know far more of it.

Martin Futter [00:11:13]:

It always makes me laugh. You know, people say to you, I might, and you should invest loads in stock. and you should invest in Bitcoin and and all this stuff. And I say, Well, I don’t know anything about that. I don’t really know anything about it. I know a little bit. you know, the basics that most people probably know, but I don’t know. I don’t feel I have an edge on anyone.

Martin Futter [00:11:32]:

I don’t feel I have an edge on the general market. Betfair trading, sport, things like that. I know I have an edge on. You know, a lot of you guys out there, you know much more about the stuff than you do Bitcoin. See, I’ll be interested actually. How many people listening have invested much more in something like, let’s say let’s let’s take away from Betfair and then stop. Let’s let’s say even something like football index, right? How many people out there invested in football index? And, yeah, I was told, man, you should invest in football index. Put all your money into the football index.

Martin Futter [00:12:07]:

It’s gonna make you a fortune. Right? Now it might have done you alright if you got out early. If you were still in at the end, it was not a good situation, and you would have lost a lot of money. And I did have a little bit of money in there. I think I lost about £100 in it. I think I had about a grand in there, but, you know, that was that was very low amount, and I was very fortunate that I didn’t invest all my money. But, you know, and I I generally feel for the people by the who did, who did lose one of that. It’s disgusting.

Martin Futter [00:12:37]:

But this is what I’m always told. I’m always told by people. Oh, you know, people who don’t know anything about Betfair, obviously not not the circles that I’m probably talking to now, but I’m talking more about just the everyday person. They’re like, I’m always getting told. You must invest. You must invest in this. You mustn’t. And the amount of tires I’ve been told I should invest in something.

Martin Futter [00:12:56]:

And then actually I look at the returns and I go, wow, I would have made so much more money if I just put that into my Betfair trading, you know, if I just doubled my bankroll or X Y instead. So it’s just, like, it’s just I think I’ll do a video on this one day of all the different things that people get told to invest in, and basically why bet for it’s just so much better to invest in because when you actually have a good strategy, when you’re actually good at it, and that is a key thing, by the way. You can’t just write on up to bet fair with nothing, just shove money on something, expect it to win. That’s the whole reason we use our software. The software essentially is what gives us our range. we’re able to go. These are our selections today. The reason is we know this is a profitable strategy.

Martin Futter [00:13:41]:

So thank you so where for giving me my selections. I’ll go place the bets and trades, and I’ll make money. we ran a we ran a, survey last week with people. And, absolutely brilliant results. I think Ryan’s gonna cover this in-depth. I’m not sure how much. we’ll we’ll see what happens there. But, if it doesn’t, I will.

Martin Futter [00:14:02]:

But I’ll just give you a brief kind of, you know, synopsis of it that 10% of our members, I think it was, or 15% of our members who come to Betfair trading or people who come to Betfair trading community. are profitable when they start. I’m sorry, are profitable when they start. So 85% of people who join Betfair trading community are losing money. Right? Now, we surveyed everyone. So this could be people who’ve been here a week could be people who’ve been here a month. This could be people who’ve been here a year. Right? We surveyed everyone.

Martin Futter [00:14:34]:

And the response we got was, you know, are you a profitable trader now? 60% said yes. Alright? 60% said yes. Well, I’ll publish these results somewhere. They were done on Monkey. I’ve fired out an email. So if you were part of Betfair trading community, you would have got that email. So you’ll know that, you know, this is all legit. We did this.

Martin Futter [00:14:58]:

you know, it can’t be questioned. you know, obviously, if we were if we were kind of making up, I think we’d probably able to start some more in our favor. But the thing is, essentially, you’re 4 or 5 times more likely to make a profit if you’re using Betfair trading community. than if you’re not. Just think about that for a second. You’re basically 400% more likely, like 400% more people, sorry, make a profit trading on Betfair, be because they are a member of Betfair Training Community. I mean, that’s amazing. Right? And this isn’t a boast This is a thing of saying.

Martin Futter [00:15:41]:

I love what I do because of this, because I know I’m changing people’s lives. I’m helping people. And you know what? It’s not even me. It’s all of you guys. It’s all you guys who are members, all you guys that collaborate and work together. You are the guys who have made this such a special thing. you know, sometimes I get comments from people, oh, I never heard of Betfair trading community until last week, or, I heard all this rubbish about Bet Fair Training Community in a Facebook group. I always kinda laugh at this, but why do we why since when did Facebook become like the the gospel of facts where people read the nonsense that some people write about us on there, and they believe it.

Martin Futter [00:16:18]:

It’s like, come on guys. Use your heads. Would we have would we have been so successful for 10 years. We’ve been a growing business for 10 years, if what we were doing was up to trash. It always makes me laugh. right, when people say, oh, it’s a scam or anything like that. I just think the proof is actually in the pudding, you know, and we’ve proven it time and time and time again. And actually, anyone who does look into us, I mean, I talked about a podcast a few weeks ago, some guy who who was very critical.

Martin Futter [00:16:46]:

And then when I actually span a couple of facts, back to him. His tune changed, and he was very, you know, he actually said, oh, sorry. I’ve made a mistake. I was wrong. And Fair played it again. play to that guy. I’m not gonna keep right now, but actually I have a lot of respect for someone who can then turn around and say they’re wrong, because most of the people who start rubbish about us or anyone when it’s such a rubbish. They don’t come back.

Martin Futter [00:17:07]:

They don’t crawl out of their hole, and then Satya was talking Bs or Achya was talking of a place of a lack of knowledge, they often just, you know, double down almost out of pride. so I think it’s really amazing when you see the power of community collaboration. I’m gonna do this with football strategies to start with with the set and forget, and then want to move to horse racing. I’m gonna do both at the same time. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna be moving from one to the other. when the horse racing saw air drops. I wanna get this done for horse racing as well because, especially with the back testing feature we’ve got, it’s gonna be in very very easy to create some forget strategies that are profitable.

Martin Futter [00:17:46]:

So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get something going on there as and we can all start to enjoy profit, make money together, especially for someone who’s not making a profit. again, one of the things we say when you join Betfair trading community, our guarantee is we’re gonna make you a better trade. If you do what we say, if you listen to our advice, if you follow our training, you will become a trailer. And in our survey, 85 percent of people agreed that they did become a better trader. Now, that is not an easy thing to do. because we know how tough it is in this industry to make money. We know how few people when they don’t use Betfair trading community make money, around 10, 15%. Right? We know that.

Martin Futter [00:18:26]:

There’s figures that are banded out that some people banded out the 2%. I think, you know, the survey we’ve done kinda shows that reality is it is probably around the 10 to 15 percent mark. and the reality is that when you are doing the correct training. When you do have the software, when you do have the resources, when you’re doing things properly, 60% of you are made in mind. Now, this included, like I say, we we surveyed everyone. This included people who’ve been members a week. So there’s probably people who aren’t making a profit yet because they’re so early the journey, but it’s amazing that that figure just goes up. Like I say, four times, 400% increase, which is just insane when you think about it.

Martin Futter [00:19:10]:

We were just delighted when we we saw the results of that survey. again, you know, it’s not all down to us. Not by a long shot. A lot of it is you guys. A lot of it’s the software that Adam has created. I mean, it’s It’s magical stuff. It’s made me loads of money. I mean, if nothing else.

Martin Futter [00:19:25]:

I always think that, you know, if we didn’t have that fair trading community, me Ryan and Adam would find a way to stump up the money to just keep it so that we could use it, you know, if the business ever ever collapsed. But fortunately, that’s not gonna and then we’re just growing day to day. And you’re actually just building more software that’s gonna help you guys become even better traders make even more money and even in different sports. so anyway guys, I’m gonna leave it there. I’m not gonna make it a really long one today. I’ve probably talked already longer than I could have about this. If you’re interested in setting for get football trading strategies at all, get onto the Betfair trading community forum, just go to betfairtradingcommunity.com. If you’re not members sign up, if you are a member, you’ll go to your dashboard once you’ve signed up you’ll be on your dashboard as well.

Martin Futter [00:20:11]:

From the dashboard, click forum, and you’ll find the project set and forget. I’ll put it on the right and column. So I’ll put it in the important column so that it’s there for you guys to see. and yeah, Thanks for listening, guys. Have a great week, and make sure you make some money.

Ryan Carruthers

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