The Best Betfair Football Trading Strategy

By Ryan Carruthers •  Updated: 07/24/23 •  4 min read

Want to know the BEST Betfair football trading strategy? 

Read this. I will show you which one is the best and why. 

Well it might be shorter than you think… there isn’t one that’s the best. 


Because every trader is different and every strategy executed the right way can be the best for the person using it. 

Let me explain… 

Everyday without fail in my inbox there’s an email saying something like ‘Ryan, I’ve heard that the over 1.5 is the most profitable strategy, is that true?’ OR ‘What’s the most profitable trading strategy?’ 

My response is always the same. I dunno! 

Because I don’t know the answer to the best, most profitable football strategy. It’s not a cop out either… 

The thing with trading on the Betfair exchange is that there’s so many different ways to trade and different markets, it’s impossible to know what the best betfair football trading strategy is for everybody. 

It’s the EXACT reason that I don’t operate Betfair Trading Community as a tipster style site, because we can give you selections from our own trading but you won’t trade them the way we do, you’ll have a difference confidence level than us, you’ll go through difference emotions, different staking. Basically I could keep listing things… 

But it’s easier to just say everything and everyone is different! 

So if you want to build a Betfair Football Trading Strategy what do you do? 

I can help you. I don’t want that to put you off though because if you are looking for the best Betfair football trading strategy,I can help you build the best one for you. 

That will give you the results you want and also the hidden win that you built it, I can do that free with my FREE Super Trader Framework here >> Click here 

When it comes to the best trading strategy you have to be aware it’s the one that fits you and your life. You are busy, you have a lot of things going on therefore just trading late goals might not work for you because you have things to do on the weekend and can’t be staring at a screen waiting for the right entry point. Am I right? 

So what do you do if you want to be successful at Betfair football trading? 

Well you build your own! It’s really easy to do this as well, it all starts with a question and a piece of paper. 

Grab a piece of paper and write at the top of it the football market you want to trade & then write this… 

‘What has to happen for that trade to be profitable?’ 

E.g. Over 1.5 goals… 

Well you then write all the things that need to happen for that to be profitable. 

By the time you’ve written everything you will have a good list. The next step is to then look at when you want to trade this match? 

Some might want to wait 15 mins, some might want to wait till HT whatever it is to write that down. 

Then go and research what you need to research what was on your list and you think is important for your trade. 

For example: 

Go and find that information you can use free sites like OR you can use Betfair trading Community’s stats and save this search so you can find them within 3 clicks everyday. 

You are now armed with some serious power

No longer do you have to think ‘Is this the best way to be doing this?’ because you have built the strategy yourself you can now build that out and scale it. 

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You now know the best Betfair Football Trading Strategy! If you want to add the FULL Super Trader Framework to it? Click here >> Become a Super Trader.

Ryan Carruthers

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